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16 June 2014

health & culture

Miles O’Brien on Life After Losing a Limb

typography & culture

On Times New Roman

11 June 2014

media & technology

All about BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti

5 June 2014

culture & nature

Holy tusks, Batman. This makes me sad: Who Wants to Shoot an Elephant?

If you are the sort of person who harbors prejudices against people who blow sums greater than America’s median yearly income to shoot rare animals for sport, let me say that Will and Robyn Waldrip are very easy people to like. They didn’t grow up doing this sort of thing. Robyn’s dad was a fireman who took her squirrel hunting because it was a cheap source of fun and meat. Will’s father was a park ranger. In his twenties, Will went into the architectural-steel business, and now he co-owns a company worth many millions of dollars. They look like models from a Cabela’s catalog. They are companionable and jolly, and part of the pleasure of their company is the feeling that you’ve been welcomed into a kind of America where no one is ever fat or weak or ugly or gets sad about things.


Billy Jean on Beer Bottles

3 June 2014

humor & television

One of Steve Martin’s finest acts

31 May 2014

sports & culture

The Rise of the Red Devils

How Belgium built one of the top contenders for the 2014 World Cup, and what the team means to this fractious nation.

20 May 2014

technology & business

Holy criminy: Why developing for Android is hard

16 May 2014


How to get the best out of photo apps on your smartphone

15 May 2014


The Best Camera

I will always find it more enjoyable to take a picture with my best camera, but I find that no matter what camera I use to make the picture, my enjoyment of the picture is never diminished by which camera I used at the time.

12 May 2014

technology & science

Graphene is neat

science & culture

Spurious Correlations

sports & culture

The Premier League Standings if Only Goals by English Players Counted

9 May 2014

education & art

Randall Munroe: Comics that ask what if?

art & film

The illusion of life


Don’t underestimate how prepared Richard Sherman is for every play

8 May 2014

interface & culture

Interfaces That Make You Feel Old

7 May 2014


Kevin Durant just made me a fan of his with his MVP acceptance speech

6 May 2014


2014 National Design Award Winners

25 April 2014

film & culture