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13 December 2013

technology & culture

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone


Casual Predation

This is an important article for everyone to read.

12 December 2013


Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code

9 December 2013

culture & science

A History of the World in 100 Objects

africa & food

5 Places To Eat And Drink In Nairobi, Kenya

Ed. note — Personally, I find Carnivore gimmicky and trite.

food & education

This is a great approach to cookbook design

7 December 2013

photography & culture

Henri Cartier-Bresson talks about The Decisive Moment

3 December 2013


Vanessa German is a brave woman

advertising & travel

Turkish Airlines has done it again


The Top Emerging Global Destinations Travelers Are Actually Going To – Skift

food & san-francisco

Judy Rodgers, Zuni Cafe Chef, Dies at Age 57

A truly sad day not just for foodies but for all San Franciscans.

business & culture

Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt

art & technology

Kyle Lambert spent 200+ hours finger painting this portrait of Morgan Freeman on an iPad with ProCreate.

1 December 2013

science & sustainability

Taylor Wilson (14) has a radical plan for small nuclear fission reactors

22 November 2013

photography & nature

Macro shots of snowflakes and snow crystals

music & video

If you haven’t seen Mac Premo and Oliver Jeffers’ new video for U2’s Ordinary Love yet, stop what you are doing and watch it now.

And it you liked that, then check out this profile Mac did of Oliver earlier this year:

21 November 2013

travel & asia

Top 10 Japan travel tips

8 November 2013


Final score: #5 Stanford: 26 — #2 Oregon: 20

6 November 2013

san-francisco & food

Charles Hodgkins Talks the End of Burritoeater

31 October 2013

food & humor

Real Kitchen as Alinea for Halloween 2013