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21 November 2013

travel & asia

Top 10 Japan travel tips

4 January 2012

travel & asia

Mike Matas’ One Week In Japan is a beautifully choreographed photographic exploration of his latest trip to Japan.

5 November 2011


The Kabul you don’t see in the news

29 May 2011

culture & asia

Accidental Chinese Hipsters

3 March 2011

travel & asia

The Nam Hai seems like an intriguing place to stay next time you are in Hoi An, Viet Nam.

23 January 2011

travel & asia

The Tragedy of Nepal

A deep depression hit me about an hour into my visit to Nepal and lasted for the first two weeks. Nepal, as a travel destination, is nothing short of raved about. “The Himalayan Mountains are majestic and the people are the nicest in the world!” was a common travel tidbit I heard. What I found was a developing nation with deep problems becoming worse by the month with tourism hastening the poisoning of the well. The pollution is the worst I have ever seen. Air, land, sound and water, nothing is spared the careless trash. The people are wonderful and also skillful about exploiting the tourist scene. Everyone you meet has a friend that is in the business of what you want to do, and they have a vested commission in getting you to open up.

1 December 2009

business & asia

Foxconn To Launch Retail Stores In China