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21 November 2009

culture & automobiles

Well, that’s one way to reduce road rage

12 October 2009


After 10000 hours of hard work, more than 10 years from time to time in the garage and about 15000 Euros spent, the Snaefell was ready to ride

24 September 2009

design & automobiles

Honda unveils ‘Segway-style’ unicycle that travels in any direction you want but looks incredibly uncomfortable.

automobiles & design

YikeBike is the world’s first super light electric folding bike. It’s pretty hot.

3 August 2009

automobiles & sustainability

Nissan unveils ‘Leaf’ — it’s long-awaited electric hatchback

30 July 2009

automobiles & fashion

The Top 10 Fashionable Bikes For Men The Acne x Bianchi is gorgeous.

30 June 2009


Which cars and trucks are made in the U.S.A.?

24 June 2009

sustainability & automobiles

Feds lend Tesla $465 million to build electric car

15 June 2009

automobiles & television

YouTube: TopGear’s extreme Ford Fiesta road test is hilarious.

6 May 2009

sustainability & automobiles

World First Racing is developing the world’s first sustainably-powered F1 race car.

27 April 2009

sustainability & automobiles

Honda finally has an answer for the Prius —perhaps too close an answer?—and they have produced the requisite cooleo, designey video to go with it.

15 February 2009

automobiles & design

The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo

20 January 2009

sustainability & automobiles

Amory Lovins has launched a new green car company called Bright Automotive

12 January 2009

automobiles & sustainability

2010 Toyota Prius arrives in Detroit

4 September 2008

sustainability & automobiles

Honda introduces new hybrid Prius-fighter

8 August 2008

automobiles & sustainability

Fuelly is a site that lets you track, share, and compare your gas mileage.

automobiles & design

106 mpg ‘air car’ creates buzz, questions

5 August 2008

automobiles & culture

Behold The World’s Lowest Volkswagen Bus

24 July 2008

sustainability & automobiles

Utilities: Grid can handle influx of electric cars

21 July 2008

sustainability & automobiles

Green Bee is a zero emissions electric scooter with a 60-mile range.