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2 April 2014

business & culture

The Expert

19 March 2014

science & culture

Stanford Professor Andrei Linde learns that his theory about the Big Bang origin of the universe may in fact have been proven

24 February 2014

film & culture

Harold Ramis, Alchemist of Comedy, Dies at 69

22 January 2014

photography & culture

Unbelievable => Fstoppers Nikon DF Digital Camera Hipster Review


This is impressive: 20 year mystery solved in 14 minutes

20 January 2014

technology & culture

One diabetic’s take on Google’s Smart Contact Lenses

And yet, I cannot get over what seems to me a tone-deaf approach by Google’s scientists. It also highlights Google’s fundamental challenge: it fails to think about people as people, instead it treats them as an academic or an engineering problem. Instead of trying to understand the needs of actual people, they emerge with an elegant technological solution.

It is not just this one time. Google+, their social network, is a fail because it fundamentally isn’t social or about people — it is an effort to solve Google’s need for social data for better advertising using machines. Similarly, Google Glasses are a cringe-worthy assault to the social interactions of normals, but because a certain subset of Googlers — including co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page — have a cyborg fetish, it is okay to make that design. It is frustrating for me to keep repeating this, because Google is a company with huge resources and those resources could be deployed more effectively and have a much more positive impact, more quickly. And to do that, the company needs to learn to be human and develop compassion for human condition.

culture & film

Bill Murray AMA on Reddit

3 January 2014

photography & culture

Goodbye, Cameras

culture & art

On Eyebombing

technology & culture

Can-Do vs. Can’t-Do Culture

13 December 2013

technology & culture

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone


Casual Predation

This is an important article for everyone to read.

9 December 2013

culture & science

A History of the World in 100 Objects

7 December 2013

photography & culture

Henri Cartier-Bresson talks about The Decisive Moment

3 December 2013


Vanessa German is a brave woman

business & culture

Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt

11 October 2013

culture & politics

A New Way To Measure Happiness Finds The True Happiest Countries In The World

culture & north-america

Christopher Columbus was awful

Simply brilliant work.

23 September 2013

culture & business

Lava Mae is Retrofitting Public Buses Into Mobile Showers for the Homeless and they have a great (if unnecessary) tagline.

culture & business

How to hire