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29 September 2014

music & design

The video for Knock Knock by Brunettes Shoot Blondes is incredibly clever.

26 September 2014

design & life

Tina Roth Eisenberg: Don’t Complain, Create

25 September 2014


Focus Groups Are Worthless

24 September 2014

design & science

The Neurochemistry of Empathy, Storytelling, and the Dramatic Arc, Animated

design & language

Rhetological Fallacies

23 September 2014


Infographic: The Top Color Trends of 2014

22 September 2014

design & culture

Pieter Desmet on Designing for Happiness

17 September 2014

design & web

How Bauhaus Design Is Helping To Build a Better Web

14 September 2014


Designing the User Experience was a one day master class I recently taught to a group of startups.

6 May 2014


2014 National Design Award Winners

18 April 2014

technology & design

Gillette’s New Razor = Everything Wrong With America

I won’t mince words: ProGlide FlexBall is a bad idea. A really bad idea. In fact, the razor represents everything terrible about America’s innovation economy.

21 January 2014

photography & design

The Almost Perfect Camera

11 October 2013

design & technology

Development Is Design

9 October 2013

design & interface

Transitions in UX design

9 August 2013


Jane ni Dhulchaointigh: The Magic Is in The Process

5 August 2013

travel & design

The New Emirates’ Charter Jet for When First Class Isn’t Good Enough

8 July 2013

interface & design

Frame of Reference

I believe that designers took issue with the so-called “skeuomorphic” stylings because they appeared to lack significant thought, and perhaps, even felt hollow. What many designers have overlooked is the fact that the same thing can be said of so-called “flat design”. It’s all about the implementation. If the navigation or layout of an interface is poorly assembled, solid colors and primitive shapes won’t help you.

25 June 2013


Look, and Feel

Affordances are the baby to skeuomorphism’s bathwater. When they engage our instincts just right, they create an emotional bond, and the unfamiliar becomes inviting. Without them, it’s just pictures under glass. It makes no difference how flat, how deep, how minimal, or how ornate the look-and-feel is if it can’t show us, when we look, how to feel.

24 June 2013

design & culture

Who Made That?

18 June 2013


Neven Mrgan says Jony Ive’s icon grid is ‘wrong’ and it’s hard not to agree with him.