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9 August 2015

design & sustainability

The GravityLight is a brilliant design that could partially help people in developing countries escape poverty.

24 October 2014

design & culture

One of the better Layer Tennis competitions in a long time: DKNG vs. Delicious Design League

design & fashion

This is how you make a product video: Patagonia Men’s Nano-Air Jacket — utterly believable, bathed in credibility and human-centeredness. Great linguistic references to the community for whom it is targeted.

7 October 2014

technology & design

Brendan Dawes’ Six Monkeys project could not be more rad.

6 October 2014

technology & design

Kenneth Shinozuka explains his Wearable Sensors for an Aging Society

3 October 2014

design & art

colourcode is a useful way to build a color scheme.

29 September 2014

music & design

The video for Knock Knock by Brunettes Shoot Blondes is incredibly clever.

26 September 2014

design & life

Tina Roth Eisenberg: Don’t Complain, Create

25 September 2014


Focus Groups Are Worthless

24 September 2014

design & science

The Neurochemistry of Empathy, Storytelling, and the Dramatic Arc, Animated

design & language

Rhetological Fallacies

23 September 2014


Infographic: The Top Color Trends of 2014

22 September 2014

design & culture

Pieter Desmet on Designing for Happiness

17 September 2014

design & web

How Bauhaus Design Is Helping To Build a Better Web

14 September 2014


Designing the User Experience was a one day master class I recently taught to a group of startups.

6 May 2014


2014 National Design Award Winners

18 April 2014

technology & design

Gillette’s New Razor = Everything Wrong With America

I won’t mince words: ProGlide FlexBall is a bad idea. A really bad idea. In fact, the razor represents everything terrible about America’s innovation economy.

21 January 2014

photography & design

The Almost Perfect Camera

11 October 2013

design & technology

Development Is Design

9 October 2013

design & interface

Transitions in UX design