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24 October 2014

design & fashion

This is how you make a product video: Patagonia Men’s Nano-Air Jacket — utterly believable, bathed in credibility and human-centeredness. Great linguistic references to the community for whom it is targeted.

1 April 2014

fashion & technology

Introducing Bonobos TechStyle

3 September 2013

fashion & furniture

Christian Siriano decorates his living spaces the way he designs a collection — check out his take on mixing and matching.

9 July 2013


How Clothes Should Fit

7 September 2012


Glam threw a party for fashionistas the other night

9 March 2012

fashion & business

The Most Interesting Underpants in London London

When Mr Moore junior decided to retire, around 13 years ago, he simply stopped trading, he didn’t clear the window display but left it just as it was on the last day of business.

30 January 2012

sports & fashion

Beardski. Now that’s just funny.

12 January 2012

fashion & culture

Has fashion really changed in the last 20 years?

6 December 2011

technology & fashion

H&M Puts Real Model Heads On Fake Bodies

4 September 2011

fashion & design

This is old but timeless and still awesome

19 January 2011

fashion & politics

LBJ Buys Pants from Mr. Haggar over the phone

12 January 2011

fashion & sports

How Nike’s Visual Tricks Made the Oregon Ducks Look Fast

4 January 2011

fashion & design

Aether makes beautiful but expensive clothing.

7 December 2010


This Classic Swedish Raincoat looks very handsome.

19 November 2010

fashion & technology

Blank-Label lets you custom design your own dress shirts

12 October 2010

fashion & technology

garmz is a neat idea: providing a social idea exchange for fashion designs and profit-sharing with the designers on the most popular designs.

4 September 2010


ShirtsMyWay makes custom-made men’s dress shirts.

20 May 2010

culture & fashion

Imaginary Conversations with American Apparel Models [NSFW]

14 April 2010

fashion & culture

Super Punch is a blog that features artsy, comic-inspired, avant-garde products if you are into that sort of thing.

6 April 2010


Indochino makes nice looking, affordable, tailor-made suits.