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24 February 2014

film & culture

Harold Ramis, Alchemist of Comedy, Dies at 69

20 January 2014

culture & film

Bill Murray AMA on Reddit

3 July 2012

business & film

Wes Anderson is brilliant

26 May 2012

design & film

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

13 April 2012

culture & film

Happy Friday the 13th / via Kevin Gemmel

8 February 2012


Actors Inside Famous Costumes, Revealed

12 January 2012


Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson’s newest work, is cause for much anticipation.

9 September 2011

music & film

Pearl Jam is celebrating 20 years since Ten with the limited-release, Cameron Crowe directed retrospective Pearl Jam 20


Beginners is good.

Manohla Dargis’ review from the New York Times:

So much of “Beginners” seems, looks, sounds, feels so hermetically perfect you may long for some air to blow, stir and even mess up its bright Los Angeles homes, the swanky old hotel where Anna stays and all these precious moments. Even so, the movie’s attractions are undeniable, including its narrative design, which seems more complex than it is, but is engaging to piece together. And the performers are charming, particularly Ms. Laurent and Mr. Plummer, with his killer eyes (still seducing after all these years) and a voice that echoes in your ears. Mr. McGregor, a consistently likable screen actor, pulls at your heart but didn’t win mine, partly because Mr. Mills has him tug too hard. Cosmo the dog tugged, too, and won it.

13 July 2011

film & literature

The trailer for the new Tintin movie, The Secret Of The Unicorn is out and it looks great.

25 May 2011

film & humor

Final Minutes Of Last Harry Potter Movie To Be Split Into Seven Separate Films

17 May 2011

film & literature

I am very excited about this

27 April 2011

culture & film

‘Arrested Development’ Movie Coming THIS YEAR, Says Mitch Hurwitz

23 February 2011

film & culture

Gary Hustwit is raising money for his next documentary, Urbanized, on Kickstarter

1 February 2011

film & culture

Everything is a Remix, Part 2

19 January 2011

film & art

The title sequence for Le Petit Nicolas is awesome.

14 January 2011

film & culture

If Movie Characters Had The Internet

7 January 2011

film & culture

Sylvain Chomet’s new film The Illusionist looks to be fantastic. It was adapted from a short story by Jacques Tati for his daughter and the director of The Triplets of Belleville has apparently worked his magic again.

30 November 2010

film & culture

Subzin.com will help you find any quote from any movie.

11 October 2010

technology & film

Facebook: Where genius was 1% inspiration, 99% timeliness