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25 May 2013

gaming & culture

Game designer Jason Rohrer designs a game meant to be played 2,000 years from now, hides it in desert

24 April 2013

gaming & culture

Human Angle: Cloned at Birth

23 January 2012

gaming & science

Online Gamers Achieve First Crowd-Sourced Redesign of Protein

28 December 2011

design & gaming

‘Gamification’ sucks

14 December 2011

gaming & nature

Bearded Dragon playing Ant Crusher#!

2 October 2011

gaming & health

Gamers Solve AIDS Puzzle

Whether it is a victory for crowd-sourcing, citizen scientists or gamers, it is a remarkable achievement.

Using a game called “Foldit,” which was released by the University of Washington, players have deciphered the crystal structure of a protein that causes Aids in rhesus monkeys. It had baffled scientists for 15 years, but took gamers 10 days to solve.

2 September 2011


Wonderputt is fun

20 August 2011


Kingdom Rush is addictive

11 August 2011


Shaun Inman’s new 8-bit iOS game, The Last Rocket, has launched.

6 July 2011

gaming & culture

Derren Brown beats 9 chess players simultaneously and explains how.

22 May 2011

culture & gaming

Saatchi & Saatchi and Rovio Build Real-Life Angry Birds

18 March 2011

web & gaming

The story behind URL Hunter, a game played in a URL bar

11 December 2010

gaming & technology

Holy Retina Display, Batman, Infinity Blade has incredible graphics! Wow. Worth the $6 just to see them.

7 November 2010

gaming & culture

The Pac-Man Dossier explains the behavior and targeting patterns of each ghost.

10 October 2010

gaming & science

The Physics of Angry Birds

26 September 2010

gaming & sports

EA Sports’ FIFA 11 Soccer is unbelievably lifelike.

28 June 2010

gaming & design

Helveticards may be the perfect gift for all your typophile poker-playing friends.

culture & gaming

Directions for Solving the Rubik’s Cube

21 June 2010

gaming & culture

The Shortest Possible Game of Monopoly: 21 Seconds

16 June 2010

gaming & web

Twirdie is a ‘Twitter Golf Game’ where the distance of each shot is proportionate to the popularity of the words you type in tweets from the last 60 seconds.