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3 June 2014

humor & television

One of Steve Martin’s finest acts

20 April 2014

television & humor

The best Scenes From a Hat from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

13 January 2014


Game of Thrones, Season 4: Trailer #1

2 January 2014

technology & television

Got Apple TV for Christmas, any cool tips anyone?

26 August 2013

television & media

Kevin Spacey urges TV channels to give control to viewers

18 April 2013

television & culture

Jon Stewart destroys CNN on their bungled reporting on the Boston Marathon Bombings

4 April 2013


Time for a binge viewing party: ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 will debut May 26th on Netflix

6 September 2012

sports & television

This is SportsCenter – John Clayton

television & design

A Top Nike Designer Rebrands Game Of Thrones

15 April 2012

television & belgium

A dramatic surprise on a quiet square in Belgium

25 January 2012

culture & television

From the Oh Darn, Turns Out That Never Happened Dept: Johnny Carson, Zsa Zsa Gabor, & the Pussy Cat

21 November 2011

politics & television

Poll Shows Fox News Viewers Less Informed on Major News Stories

television & technology

Netflix, Fox ready to resurrect Arrested Development as a streaming exclusive in 2013

3 October 2011

art & television

Need Dubstep? Just Add Milk — this is awesome.

2 October 2011

television & culture

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Arrested Development

The big news of the afternoon: If all goes according to plan, the series will return to television in a nine- or ten-episode limited-run series, set to film next summer, with each episode focussing on a single member of the Bluth clan. And series creator Mitchell Hurwitz said that he is halfway through the screenplay for a reunion film and is “eighty per cent” sure it will happen.

20 August 2011

politics & television

Jon Stewart: Jon Stewart addresses conservative media claims that Warren Buffet is a socialist

27 July 2011

food & television

Travel Channel Announces Bourdain’s New Show The Layover

21 July 2011

culture & television

When dancing is good, it’s really good

3 July 2011

travel & television

Anthony Bourdain has a new show on the Travel Channel filmed during layovers for No Reservations

25 May 2011

culture & television

Oprah’s Conflicted, Empowering, Shaming Bond With Women Like Me

I’ve been disappointed plenty—I consider my ability to feel let down by Oprah (as well as the fact that it feels unnatural to call her anything but her first name) further proof of the intimacy she’s cultivated with her audience. I remember the “Diabetes: America’s Silent Killer” episode she did last year with Dr. Mehmet Oz, about how the disease plays out in the black community. The show was so irresponsible it felt offensive.

“Diabetes is a ticking time bomb,” Oprah said gravely during the introduction. “It’s a silent killer. It’s annihilating the African-American community. Literally, killing almost 100 of us every single day, in the African-American community.”

“It’s time to get out of denial.”

All true: Diabetes does indeed impact a disproportionate number of black Americans, who are both more likely to contract it and more likely to die from it. But in Oprah’s telling, the solution wasn’t fixing food deserts or increasing access to preventive health care or building parks in urban neighborhoods or any of those boring things. Rather, the epidemic calls for a healthy dose of shaming.

So After Dr. Oz led the audience through a thorough introduction on the ravages of diabetes, Oprah took viewers to Dayton, Ohio, to meet some black church ladies. Viewers watched as the women served up one of their typical post-service meals of fried chicken and meatloaf, and a table of heavy sides. They’d written to the show about their collective weight issues, Oprah said.

Oprah then staged an intervention and sent the women to a boot camp of sorts to get them motivated about changing their lifestyle. When the video segment was over, Oprah turned to the women, now seated in her studio audience, some dressed in their Sunday finery, and clucked her tongue at them, scolding them for being lazy about exercise and stubborn about their diet. It made me so angry to see these women brought from their homes to be shamed on national television.

It felt especially unfair to see Oprah lay into these women with a simplistic cultural criticism without discussing the structural disparities that shape people of color’s lives. One conversation is not complete without the other.

But hadn’t Oprah detailed her own long struggle with her weight and diet and with taking charge of her health? Hadn’t she partaken in her own game of public self-flagellation, and then redemption through self-acceptance? It’s a story line to which she has returned frequently, an endless recurring cycle that was as irresistible as it was exhausting.