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5 September 2012

typography & architecture

Roof Kerning in Amsterdam

27 January 2012

typography & design

Ditch Helvetica, try these 5 contemporary sans serif typefaces

31 October 2011


The 8 Worst Fonts In The World

6 October 2011


More Perfect Typography on Vimeo

30 June 2011


The Basics of Typography

10 May 2011


Ideal Sans is another Hoefler & Frere-Jones masterpiece.

3 May 2011


Akko is a beautiful and useful new typeface from Akira Kobayashi.

14 March 2011


Shady Characters is Keith Houston’s blog about marks of punctuation.

22 February 2011

typography & culture

Operina Pro is a beautiful rendition of Chancery cursive based on the 16th-century letterings of Ludovico degli Arrighi.

9 February 2011

typography & design

Erik Spiekermann discusses his creative process

9 January 2011

typography & design

On the origins of various typographic marks

6 January 2011

typography & design

Fonts In Use chronicles the use of various typefaces.

23 December 2010


FontShop’s Top Typefaces of 2010

29 November 2010

typography & design

Alternatives to Common Fonts

2 November 2010

typography & web

Type-a-file “gives your web typography a head start.”

24 September 2010


Maiola is a beautiful, versatile and hard-working typeface.

22 September 2010


Premièra is a gorgeous typeface designed to work at small sizes as in when used to set a book.

13 September 2010

typography & web

hypho-o is an online hyphenation machine. If you don’t know why that’s useful, you don’t need it.

2 August 2010

typography & design

Ten Typefaces of the Decade

24 May 2010

typography & web

CopyPasteCharacter.com is an easy way to find that character you need.