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Hello Again, World

I started blogging on this site in the fall of 2001. Or microblogging, rather.

Twitter didn’t yet exist for Elon to ruin and the mechanisms for sharing the burgeoning curiosities of the internet seemed limited. And so, following the lead of several pioneering peers, I took the leap.

At the time, I didn’t care much for the deeply introspective style of blogging that more resembled the public oversharing of one’s personal life. I suspect that’s because I wasn’t really sure what I had to say—or at least, why anyone else would care.

Instead, I found myself hungry for a simple way to curate the ‘tasty morsels’ of the internet—not so much for others’ benefit but, more so, my own.

Over the years, Twitter and Instagram grew to replace the need for my little blog on the interwebs until the benefits of maintaining a site that was mostly just replicating what was happening on social feeds lost its appeal.

But now I am ready to share some accumulated thoughts from 25 years of leading design and business strategy teams. So this post marks the beginning of a new beginning and a much needed renewal in the era of the fediverse.

Stay tuned.